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Mazel tov
Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Meir Price on the birth of a baby boy! The bris will be IY"H Friday, May 20th at Kol Torah - 2929 Fallstaff Road. Shacharis at 8:30am. Bris at 9:15am!  May they see much nachas from him! 

Mazel tov to Chaim Komarow on his upcoming marriage to Leah Marks! The wedding will be, this coming Sunday, 22nd of May at Ateres Elka, 2905 Walnut Ave, Owings Mills, MD. Kabolas Panim at 6:00pm, Chuppah at 7:00pm and Simchas Chosson V'Kallah at 10:00pm! May they build a bayis Ne'eman Beyisrael!

New Members
We would like to welcome our newest members to the kehilla:

Mr. and Mrs. Yechezkal Estreicher
Mr. and Mrs. Akiva Goldberg

We are so glad that you have joined our shul! 

Kiddush sponsorship
This week's kiddush is available for sponsorship - please contact Yossi Wilner at  +1(267) 738-3291 if you would like to seize the opportunity!

Lag Baomer event
Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Moshe Fixler for hosting the Lag Baomer event! Thanks as well to our anonymous sponsor!

Neshei event
Save the date Nshei event, May 24th! Sponsorship opportunities are available..

Shul night seder
It's not too late to join The shul night seder chabura which follows the "Veharev Na" program and learning Maseches Chaggiah. Night seder is held Sunday through Thursday 8:15pm-9:10pm with a nightly shiur from Rabbi Meir Simcha Berger! The shul bais medresh is open to all to come learn - bring your chavrusa! Mariv follows the shiur at 9:10.

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

Dvar Torah

Chesed Beyond Chesed
It could be very unsettling spending Shabbos alone in a big mansion. When a woman heard that this was my tentative plight, she offered, “We would really love to have you; however, we are away for Shabbos. You are welcome to sleep in our house, if you think that you will feel less lonely in our normal sized house.” 

This woman embodies Rashi on 25:35, “When your friend begins to falter financially, do not let him fall completely to the point that it would be hard to restore his status. Rather, support him as soon as he begins to falter.”

Rav Eliyahu Steinhardt (First Year Rebbe in Ner Yisroel) gleaned a few lessons from this Rashi:

1. You must be Ro'eh Es Hanolad (use foresight). You cannot simply look at another's present state to decide if Chesed is appropriate. Think about where the other person is heading.

2. We must do Chesed not because our emotions call for action. Until the person falls down, our emotions are not aroused. Therefore, our feelings will not get us to help the person who begins to falter. 

3. We must face the reality when looking out for others. We cannot say everything is all right when it is not. 

In summary, the person who begins to falter is not the type of person to whom everyone runs to do Chesed. People often do Chesed because they see an easy way to earn “Mitzvah Points”or because they want to free themselves of some guilt that comes when they see the misfortunate. In this Mitzvah, the Torah demands of us to don Chesed glasses and be vigilant when it comes to scouting out the needs of others.  

The woman in the aforementioned story knew I had a bed to sleep on and food to eat. With her tremendous sensitivity she thought of the one thing she could do that would make my Shabbos slightly more comfortable. That iota of a difference is Chesed Beyond Chesed. There was no major necessity that was keeping her up at night, or a major accomplishment that she could pat herself in the back for. She simply kept her eyes wide open, saw beyond what was in front of her, came up with a Chesed when her emotions may not have been screaming so loudly, and saw a very subtle need that would have remained concealed. 

Good Shabbos!

Pinney Elbaum

Thu, July 7 2022 8 Tammuz 5782