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* Note the Motzei Shabbos Chabura will be earlier this week, at 7:30pm to accomodate the Kumzitz this Motzei Shabbos

Kiddush sponsorship

Last week's kiddush was sponsored by Chazzan and Mrs. Freund in honor of their grandson Shmuel Meister’s birth and bris! Mazel tov!

Kiddush is sponsored this week by Mr. and Mrs. Tzvi Skaist in honor of the Rov and Mr and Mrs Michoel Stein. A special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Tzvi Skaist for restocking the shul's lechaim/liquor supplies! Yasher Koach!

Motzei Shabbos Learning Program
This week's Avos U'Banim and Motzei Shabbos Chabura are available for sponsorship.Last week's Avos Ubanim was sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Yisrael Moshe Kraines.

Last week’s Motzai Shabbos Chabura was sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Berger. 

The shul is planning to have a Kumzitz this Motzai Shabbos, Jan 22 at 8:30pm! Live music, singing, inspiration and refreshments! It will be held at the home of the Waxman's, 6414 Park Heights Ave apt E1. Plenty of parking in the back lot or on Park Heights. Please do not park in a reserved parking spot. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Dvar Torah Roster

We've been fortunate to have members of the shul contribute a dvar Torah to the weekly newsletter.  To better streamline the process, and have as many contributions as possible, we are starting a rotation to contribute the weekly dvar Torah.  Each member of the rotation will write the dvar Torah when their turn comes, once every few months. 

As of now, there are close to 20 members of the rotation, but we are always looking to add new members. 

See link for current rotation. If you would like to part of this effort or if you have any questions please reach out to Shai Meyerowitz or Nesanel Horowitz!


6-month shul schedule
Please click here for the shul's 6-month schedule, Thank you to Aron Rosskamm for putting it together!

Dvar Torah

The Torah, in the last of the Aseres HaDibros, cautions against various forms of Lo Sachmod. I have long been bothered why, of all the Dibros relating to bain adam l’chavairo, this particular one is the most expansive. All the others are contained within one verse! I attributed it to various forms of jealousy, in contrast to the other sins which all stem from individual roots. There can be desire for another’s physical possessions, attributes, or even jealousy over the circumstances which enable another to live a more elevated life.  

The Ibn Ezra, amongst others, raises the popular question. Emotions are merely an expression of the stimulus which the physical body experiences. Accordingly, how might it be possible to control the emotion when one comes into a situation which would arouse a feeling of jealousy? We could accept the prohibition to proactively attempt to strip another of his possessions, but to be unable to feel the pain seems untenable. However, the Ibn Ezra explains, this comes from a basic misconception. A person only desires that which is relevant to him. Typically, the peopleone envies are those in his league, his colleague, friend, or neighbor. Few people ache with envy upon reading the successes of the Forbes 400 yet are beside themselves when their younger colleague gets $10,000 more than they. 

The Bais HaLevi gives a different, and rather jarring answer. The fact that the Torah prohibits this feeling will cause a person experiencing the first effects of Lo Sachmod to become stunned, as though bitten by a snake, and shaking him out of the emotion. One may be joyfully cruising along at 80 MPH, yet the moment he sees the flashing lights in the rearview mirror he is brought down to earth instantaneously. If one perceives aveiros as they are, the truest of realities, and a defiance of the will of Hashem and contrary to the entire purpose of Creation, it would be quite a shock. It is our continuous involvement in the mundane, which, amongst other things causes us to lose our grip on what is real and what is not. 
May we merit to live the best and most real lives that we possibly can!

Good Shabbos,

Dovid Price


Wed, January 26 2022 24 Shevat 5782