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Mazel tov
Mazel tov to Naftali Weiss on his siyum hashas! He invites everyone to his siyum on Monday night, October 25th, at 6:30pm in the knish shop party room!

Kiddush sponsorship
This week's kiddush is available for sponsorship - please contact Mordy Berman at +1 (347) 664-5346 if you would like to seize the opportunity!

New Members
We would like to welcome our newest members to the kehilla:
 Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Langer
We are so glad that you have joined our shul! 

Shabbos Morning Brew
Coffee is back at shul! Grab your cup of joe before davening each Shabbos. Thank you to Yossi Willner for arranging. Sponsorship opportunities available. Please speak to Yossi at  (267) 738-3291 if you would like the zechus.

Motzei Shabbos Learning Program
Moztai Shabbos Chabura will be starting early November! The topic will be Chalav Akum. For more information contact Ben Temin at (240) 505-0292 or Baruch Lewinson (908) 906-5151. More details to follow...

Cholent pickup
Looking for a way to help the shul? We need volunteers for someone to pick up cholent for Kiddush every week from the The Knish Shop anytime from 7:30am to 3pm on a Friday. It's pretty straightforward and much appreciated. Please sign up to join the roster using this form or speak to Shai Mayerowitz or Mordy Berman.

6-month shul schedule
Please click here for the shul's 6-month schedule, Thank you to Aron Rosskamm for putting it together!

Dvar Torah

While telling us of the 12 children-nations that Nachor (brother of Avraham) bore, the Torah says “And Besuel fathered Rivkah.” [Bereishis 22:23]

Rashi comments: “These yichusin were written only for this posuk,” (ie. all 12 of these nations were worth bringing into the world just for Rivkah).

What is this supposed to teach us?

Our gemara teaches us that “in “future times” even the barren trees will bear fruit.”

Also cryptic.

Rav Moshe zt”l explains that there is something called Adam Hashalem- a person who is complete with the Torah. The entire creation, from the time of Adam Harishon until the moment that this person comes into the world, is there for him. All of the food that’s produced, all the clothes that are sewn, all of the homes that are built, throughout all of history, are there for him to have a life and a world to exist in. This is similar to a Sefer Torah, says R’ Moshe, where the holy words of the Torah are mekadesh the ink and the parchment of the scroll.

This is what the gemara means: In “future times” there will be a great increase not only in the numbers of lomdei Torah but also in chochmas haTorah. In those times, there will necessarily be an increase in gashmius as well, in order for there to be more “material” for the great ruchnius of that time to make use of!  

Even the trees which are now barren, will need to bear fruit!
And Rivkahs tzidkus was so great that when she was born there had to be 12 nations born correspondingly.

“All these yichusin were only written for this posuk.”
Rav Shteinman was once meeting with a group of gevirim to encourage them to donate to yeshivos.

He told them- “when I was young, there was a fraction of the number of wealthy yidden that we have today. Why do you think that is? Why would Hashem give out so much more money now than 75 years ago?”

“The answer is simple. Because when I was young, there was a fraction of the lomdei Torah that we have today...”
Have a great Shabbos

The Cherniaks
(From Dorash Moshe excluding story)

Mon, October 25 2021 19 Cheshvan 5782